Clinical trait search


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Public data is available without a password; if you wish to access unpublished data please contact Jake Lusis (

Steps to access data:

  1. Under transcript search 'select a dataset' from the pull-down menu, such as "F2_BxD (DBA/2J x C57BL/6J)".
  2. 'Select a table' from the pull-down menu, such as "Gene Annotations".
  3. 'Select a search value' refers to the gene identification format you are using such as "Gene Symbol"
  4. Type in the actual name or gene ID of the gene of interest next to the 'Search-by term includes' such as "Abcc6".
  5. Click on 'search' or 'download', which will show the results in the browser or generate a downloadable a tab-delimited table which can be opened in Excel, respectively.
  6. The table provides various details about the gene of interest by clicking on the underlined terms such as the "search" option under eQTL which generates eQTL data in a table.